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About Neckties & Tie Classifications
Neckties refer to the neck ornaments of upper clothes, tied and knotted around shirt collars. It includes bow tie in the extensive concept, which is usually accompanied and used with western-styled suits. It is people’s (especially men’s) fundamental apparel accessories for wedding and daily life. In social etiquettes, if you wear a western-style suit, then you should tie a necktie whose length is close to belt fastener. If you were a waistcoat or sweater, then the necktie should be put behind them. Tin pin usually clip between the fourth button and the fifth one of shirt.
Necktie Classifications
Administrative Series – This is usually for white-collar workers. Patterns mainly include dots, diagonals, and grids with recherché material. They are known for elegancy.
Evening-wear Series – This series especially attach importance to the fluorescence effect. Warp and weft interwoven lines or the light spots like constellations on deep background colors looks pretty sparkling and have a super-star style.
Leisure Series – Casual and informal decorations are not for etiquette need. So cartoon dolls, flowers and grass images also emerge in necktie genre, which are used to match T shirts and leisure western-style suits.
New Fashion Series – Exaggerating colors, grotesque images everywhere indicates the rebellion against orthodoxy and become the favorite thing that avant-garde pursue. Purplish red, indigo blue, tile yellow are the standard colors of this series, which are specially for the men in bizarre clothes.
Dress Collocation Ways
Neckties are a good company for the men in workplace. A beautiful necktie would grace outfit a lot. There is a big knowledge on how to match shirts and neckties. It does have a lot of tricks. Youth should choose the ties with lively patterns and intense colors which would increase the youthful vigor of uses a great deal. For senior people, they should choose elegant patterns. Ladies should choose plain-color neckties. Meanwhile when it comes to the collocation of shirts and neckties, we should also pay attention to the harmony between shirts and neckties on coloring to increase the elegant and rarefied effect. If silver grey, milk white western-style clothes collocate red neckties, it makes you look more stylish. If red, purple western-style suites collocate white ties, it makes you look elegant and noble. Silver grey, milk white western-style suits are suitable for wearing scarlet, vermilion, black green, black brown neckties, which will bring people a gentle and quiet, pretty, rakish feeling. Dark blue and black green western-style suits should collocate orange, milk white, light blue and rose colors which bring people a deep, implicit sense of beauty. Brown and dark green western-style clothes should match sky blue, milky yellow, orange neckties, which would bring out a pretty and flowing demeanor. Black, brown European-style clothes should match silvery gray, milky white, blue, white & red striped or blue & black striped neckties, which looks solemn and generous. The most frequently-used clothing of businessmen is just the suits of the collocation of shirts and neckties which is quite favorable everywhere among the people in various domains. Shirts have a lot of varieties and specifications, and of which neckties are the intimates. You have to learn the ways on how to collocate between different shirts and neckties, making use of the combinations of colors and lines which epitomizes the essence of your tie-in ways, also embodies your personal overall style, which is what make a qualified man.
The coordination between shirts and neckties is a refined knowledge. If it doesn’t run in a proper way, which would possibly damage the overall image. But if it does, then it would be able to catch people’s eyes, showing your uniqueness and difference. Neckties are always the dominant factor among all because it is the most conspicuous part in garment fashion. Generally speaking, we should attach importance to the coordination of neckties and suit jacket. From a cultured viewpoint, the color of jacket should be the basic one of necktie.
White shirt performs well for every man and various occasions and it will be never outdated. So every mean should prepare one change of shirt at least. It looks all great with coordinating various neckties in lively colors or bold patterns. The most permanently fashionable coordination is that white or light blue shirts match plain-colored or bright-patterned neckties which is never an outdated tie-in way.
Among all the coordinative ways, simplicity is always favorable. If you are not that confident to your own taste on how to choose neckties, then just try not to do it unconventional and unorthodox. As you know, men are mostly not sensible to necktie patterns. More than that, you never know who would be disgusted with your taste of distinctiveness and unconventionality. The tie-in way in some degree also reflects the tact of methods to interact with others.
Every man should have one white or light blue shirt. And for neckties, you have one plain navy blue or wine red necktie available for use. You should also have one jacquard silk or plain black necktie for use in attending formal dinner instead of bow tie.
The coordination of neckties and western-style suit
If you choose a multiple-colored necktie, and if one of the colors in patterns is same as that of shirt or European-style clothes, then it will make the effect even better.
The coordination of neckties and western-style suits and shirts
From the respect of pattern coordination, it would save you a lot of troubles as long as master a few principles. Similar patterns don’t match each other. Squared western-style suits don’t match squared shirts and squared neckties. If you are dressed in a dark squared western suit, it would be beautiful if matched by a shirt and a necktie which are both in plain colors, stripes or decorative patterns. Squared shirts match diagonal neckties. Straight-line shirts match square-pattern neckties which are both in straight lines, but in different line directions which don’t look monotonous and dull. Dark-pattern shirts match decorative-pattern neckties…. Printed or decorative-design neckties would be better to match plain shirts. If it is matched by squared or striped shirts which would, more or less, look a bit dizzy.
The collocation of neckties and collar type
Besides the tie-in of colors and pattern, the collocation of neckties and shirt collars would be also especially paid attention to. Wearing neckties has lots of tying methods. Then in daily life, which would be the best? In general cases, besides the influence of prevalent factors (for instance, the width of suit lapel affects the width of neckties, hence affects the size of tie knot.), mainly it is chose based on the shape of shirt collar (the intersection angle of collar tips).
Buying Guide
Neckties, as the necessity of western suits, play an important role of decorating, interspersing, and beautifying suits. If you would like choose and buy an ideal necktie, then you would need to think about the aspects of fabric, color, style, quality.

Reliable, Dependable Choice

Every man should all have a deep and serious-style necktie in daily wardrobe such as deep blue, wine red, grey. A deep necktie and a white shirt are a classic match which is never out of date. And such a necktie is a valued purchase which could be used for daily use, or for join important evenings instead of bow tie.

Fashion Combination

Deep neckties always look solemn and elegant, especially when the texture is made of high-quality silk material. And wine red, bright red and brick grey look rugged. If you prefer those fashionable ones, then “high-tech” bright grey and black are great options. Coordinating with well-made European-style suits and leather shoes, and same hue shirts, there are various abundant style tie-in ways.
If you have the ties in this kind of prevalent tone, you have to make sure its high quality. Because once you can not keep the necktie flat, smooth and tame, then you would lose the dependable and stable appearance due to the wrinkles on tie.

Dare To Be New

If you would like to do something unconventional and unorthodox, then you could buy a pink or light purple necktie. It might look a little bit logy for most of people to tie such a necktie. But, if it is coordinated with appropriate shoes and clothes, it can yet be regarded as an expressive way to brand out your extroverted personality, even the talking subject breaks silence.
It is a sure thing that such a dressing will have a high rate of second glance. But, before you buy suchlike neckties, you have to make sure you’ve already have many “common neckties”. You wouldn’t use it every day and the fashion trend changes constantly. If you want to keep a little bit distinctiveness, then you’d have a little more thought.


If you only have a few neckties, then you shouldn’t buy those in grotesque styles. On the contrary, you should buy a few more ties in folk, simple or twill styles. It mainly depends on your personality of introvert or extrovert. The ties you choose have to meet your taste. A colorful necktie is not suitable for the environment for negotiation. Also you would not wear a pink necktie to attend a funeral.
Try your utmost to buy adaptable neckties to coordinate your existing clothes and shoes which surely would need to depend on your economic conditions. If you would like classical-style clothes, then we suggest you should not buy the ties with animal or cartoon images on them. Otherwise they would be out of date soon. If your taste is extroverted, also with appropriate apparels and shoes, even if you wear a necktie with Mickey Mouse or Spiderman, you will be still considered the man who knows how to wear clothes.

Necktie Taboos

The real taboo is noodle-like slim or leathery chenille articles. It is just like that you live in cities but wears cowboy hat and western boots at all hours. Generally speaking, I suggest, with same funds, you should focus on quality, no quantity. High-quality things are worth more money. It is just the right investment.

Necktie Width

After discussing the basic color styles, let’s hat a look at sizes. In general, the width of 3 inches is pretty appropriate. The width in this range is not a trend which would be easily outdated. The standard necktie length is between 52-58 inches. It differs based on different brands and styles.


Price is usually a pretty good quality standard. If the necktie is made of high-quality silk, the hand feeling is plump and soft. Don’t buy inferior and crumpled ties. High-quality neckties are cut from the center of fabric. It would hang well after tying a knot. If there is a bend, it indicates an inappropriate cutting. You shouldn’t buy such ties. So you can’t be too begrudged on buying neckties for fashion and high-quality. Nice neckties make you look great and full of confidence.
Washing Instructions

Washing Materials

If dry clean it by yourself, washing material could be high pur alcohol or over 120# colorless solvent gasoline.
Soak silk necktie for ten minutes or so, and tap the dirt with smooth and thornless stick. If the stain area of tie is too big, then you can use hand to knead gently, rinse it by water, air it with hanger. After the solvent fully evaporates, if there is still a lot of distains, you could use banister brush, dip water to brush and wash gently.

Washing Methods

Owing to the difference of necktie fabric and lining material, it would be after water washing which would bring damage to the sheen of necktie surface. Do not immerse the necktie completely into the water to wash. It would be better to dry clean it. It is easy to be contaminated where necktie knots are. You can hand wash by kneading or brush wash the ties in the washbasin that holds gasoline. For the other place contaminated as well, just use cloth to dip gasoline, and clean the tie.

Ironing Methods

In either kind of materials of ties, do not iron by high temperature. Otherwise the tie would be pretty flat without the natural drooping style.
There must be a tier of cotton cloth that covers necktie surface to avoid the direct contact between iron and necktie fabric. If you can use steam-electric iron to deal with a big area of folds and the edges that especially need obvious folds.
Manufacture Fabrics

Fabric Classification

Neckties can be divided into woven silk neckties, printed silk neckties, woven polyester neckties, and printed polyester neckties (imitated silk fabric). With the emergence of new products, there are also some wool + silk neckties come out, or 50% silk + 50% polyester neckties. But these types are not as many as common necktie fabrics. Those so-called “Korean Silk” is just actually polyester which is also only what domestic merchants call. In the domain of export, it is just called 100% polyester.

Lining Classification

Necktie linings can be divided into 4 categories: polyester, silk noil yarn, wool, mix yarns (wool, silk noil yarn, and polyester). We were supposed to use polyester lining for all which is durable and long lasting which is also right for the property of neckties. Silk noil yarn and wool linings are basically for the export to US. Due to the quota system, the exported US neckties have to use the silk noil yarn and wool linings of natural materials. After the system was cancelled, this habit has stuck with them. The characteristic of silk noil yarn and wool lining is that they have a good hand feeling. But for the civil consumers, it would be more appropriate to use polyester-lining neckties. Silk noil yarn and wool ties have few times of wearing, easy to deform. Also the consuming level of US is higher than China. They usually buy 1 dozen every time and wouldn’t wear every single tie more than 5 times.

Material Identification

With the enhancement of post processing technology of silk and polyester neckties, it is hard to distinguish by hand or eye. The most effective way is to just burn it with fire. Generally you can find out a few fabrics inside the seam of small end. It would be clear after burn it with lighter. It would be polyester if it cakes. Otherwise it would be silk if it becomes powder. This is a simple and prevalent way. Mind you. It would be okay only to burn the thread end.
Customization Procedures of Neckties

sketch for custom neckties

Provide Order Details

If you would like a custom necktie, please provide us the order details such as order quantity, specification, pattern, material request, shipping destination etc so that we can work out an accurate price for you.

Submit An Artwork For Approval

We have professional designer team to make the artwork upon customers' requests, or recommend the best solution for various projects about custom neckties, matching correct colors as well. After all is confirmed. We would officially proceed to the production after the down payment is paid.

Fabric Cut

First, cut fabric into the shape of necktie. Please note you must cut at an angle of 45 degree. Fabric determines the length of necktie.
Then, you must cut out the lining of necktie which is usually polyester, silk or wool. The shape of necktie depends on lining which is usually divided into “straight tie”, “small bottle”, and “big bottle”. It depends on individual likes.
Finally, you also have to cut out the back-silk fabric (the fabric at the back of necktie big end). Some ties usually are put their logo of brand there. For other ordinary ones, it usually uses small-dot back-side fabric. Also, in order to reflect the tie quality, some use the same necktie fabric for the back, thus the cost would differ a lot.

Machine Shaping

Use sewing machine joint fabric, and combine back-lining and fabric as well. After that, put lining into it. Ironer uses fabric to wrap lining inside. Sewer uses needle to joint the necktie fabric with back-lining together. And then uses steam iron to do the final off-pressing.

Auxiliary Process

Pin trade mark and the small strap of necktie (on the trademark).


After the completion of order, we would provide high-resolution photos to show the cargo status as the proof. Also, we would arrange to ship out upon the receipt of balance.

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