FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get A Quote For My Custom Project?
When You would like to get a quote for a custom project which based on you requests.You have to send us the order details first which include necessary information and image to clarify how you would expect us to process your order.also please advise the quantity you would like,and what colors or even size requests if there's any,so that we can work out an accurate price for you
Does The Price For 1 Piece or Batch?
Usually we sell them by bag, or dozen, or box, because for some tiny things, it would be more convenient to sell by packing them together. Please pay a close attention to the tile of every posted product where I would give clear indication of.
Does The Price Include The Shipping?
It usually doesn't include for bulky quantities. But we would happy to assist by checking with our shipper to find out which shipping route would be most reasonable or effecient. 
Can I Designate The Shipping Method?
You can designate the shipping method. You can contact us to advise your request. Then we would check with our shipper and provide the possible or available shipping options on which you can decide to choose which shipping route ships faster or cost less. 
What Payment Methods We Accept?
Usually Paypal Payment, bank transfer or western union would be also acceptable.
For the bank transfer, you would also need provide sales invoice, duty-paid proof to collect payment due to the exchange control recently.
Is A Split Payment Acceptable For My Order?
For small order with small amounts, we usually process it at a time. For huge orders, usually 40% is down upon the order approval, upon the confirmation of completion status of order, the rest should be paid before delivery. 
How Do I Track My Order?
After the order is sent out, we would usually provide the tracking number for you to check the shipping status any time, or log in your account to track it. Or you can contact us. We could help check with our shipper for it.