order process



Shapes In Stock

If you just expect to get the shaped paper clips as listed on our E-commerce website,you could just buy them directly.If there's anything in doubt,or any questions,just don't hesitate to drop us a line by email to noveltyclip@yahoo.com ,we would get back to you with details as soon as possible.


Custom Order Process

For the custom orders you expect to get,the process would be a little bit more as below:

  1. First you have to provide the request details for your custom orders.
  • Clip Shape
  • Quantity
  • Color
  • Package
  • Print(If there’s any)

For the clip shape,you could send us a reference picture for us to make the design artwork.If you couldn’t,and if there’s any nice shapes work for you,then it also could be provided by us.

  1. We make the design artwork based on the picture you provided,label the sizes,and then send it to you for confirmation.
  2. Once the artwork is confirmed,then we would offer the price,confirm the turnover time.
  3. After we agree on every detail,then you would need make the payment partially,or fully.
  4. Then we arrange the production for the orders.(For bigger quantities,there's also a sampling if needed)
  5. After the order is completed,we would send you the high-resolution photos for confirmation to make sure we do the right thing.
  6. If all is OK,and confirmed,we would arrange the shipping immediately,and provide the tracking number for you to follow up the shipping status.


Huge-Amount Orders

In most of the circumstance,we could deal with the amount via bank,Paypal or Western Union as long as both of us could get what we expect.But,if there are orders with huge-amount,we could consider to deal with through Letter of Credit.(In my experience,more than US $30 000 approx.)