Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

We have different shipping options available according to customers' requirements. If you would like the order for a special urgent event, please do not forget to advise the deadline to see if we can catch up with it. If you are not in a hurry to get the package, then having it shipped by sea or post office would be more economical. Compared with express delivery, seafreight or postal delivery would be much slower(usually 25-35 days to arrive) and lower on freight. Express delivery usually take about 5-7 workdays to arrive in most of countries around the the world.

Ref Images & Designs

For the existing styles in our website, you could just check the product pages to view the details and proceed to the purchase directly, or just describe what you are looking for. It couldn't be better if you have any reference images or designs for our consideration. Then we could make designs or mock-ups based on what we come to the agreement. Also, we have a wild collection in which there are various designs in stock available for the project we are talking about. And the subsequent sampling would be made based on the final artwork.

Returns & Replacements

We expect all the products we made can come into your satisfaction. If not, we would accept the Returns & Replacements based on specific situations which applies to the policy. Once there are apparent product defects or discrepancies between design and finish products, just please contact us with high-resolution photos for our preview to confirm the issues. Also please note: if the order delivery is for a special, urgent event, do not forget to advise us it beforehand so that we can check to see if we can catch up with the schedule. Otherwise we would be responsible for the delay cos' the shippers here don't ensure the delivery time as well.


For the products as posted on our webiste, you can proceed to the purchase directly. But if you are looking for a custom project for neckties, scarves or decorative safety pins, you could contact us for a further negotiation for order details such as sizes or specifications, quantities, colors, shipping address so that we can check the possibility or further work out an accurate price. If it comes into your approval, we would try to make a mockup to show what the effect would look like. And once all details are approved, we would proceed to the mass production based on the agreement.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

If you place an order from our website, the payment method would be redirected to "Paypal express checkout".
For custom projects, we are okay with various payment options whether it is processed via paypal invoice or
wire transfer. And all other payment methods such as western union, credit card could be also available if
we both agree on. Also, please note that all the prices we provide are based on FOB China's port. And some
important holidays approaches, we will post some promotional information on an irregular basis.

Viewing Orders

You have to create an account first, then go to the site or directly visit the "My Account" or "Tracking Your Order", then click "My Orders", then you can view the details of order list. Or you can drop us a line to check the order status, and follow the shipping information online with tracking number provided by us.
Updating Account Information
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