payment options for shaped paper clips



Payment Terms


You can proceed to the purchase directly from our site for the listed products. If you are looking for a custom project designed and made upon your own requests, then please contact us for a further disucssion for the details to make sure we do the right thing. For small payment amounts, the remittance will be usually a one-time charge. For bigger ones, we can collect 30-50% beforhand as we usually do, then the balance will be done upon the delivery of goods or the bill of lading for the come shipping.


Payment methods


Presently here are the available payment methods as below:


It is also one of the favorable payment methods internationally.In China,you could make the payment via Alipay.But,for overseas markets,Paypal would be a more well-known way for small amounts due to the lower transaction fee,usually below US $500.For the amounts over US $500,it would be more economical to do the transfer through bank.


Bank Transfer   

This is one of the most prevalent ways to make the remittance in the trades from people.Also,then the amount of order comes big,then the it is also a terrific way to transfer the money to save the banking fee.


Western Union   

It is a fast and simple payment method for the trade.If making the payment through Western Union,usually you could use the information of ours as follows:

First Name:Zhe Dong

Last Name:Zhou

City:Sheng Zhou

Province:Zhe Jiang



Otherwise,you would need to keep us know the information of payer as below:

First Name and Last Name of remitter;

City Name,State Name,and Country Name of remitter;

There’s also a 10-digit control number you would need provide to release the payment.


If there's any doubt and other questions, just please contact us via:


Tel: +86-152 6751 1098

Thank you!