Custom Printed Silk Scarves

custom printed silk scarves

Printed Silk Scarves
Audrey Hepburn  in printed silk scarves
Printed silk scarf refers to the garment fashion around women’s necks, playing a very important role of decorating clothes. Beauty idol Audrey Hepburn once observed, "When I wear a silk scarf, I never feel so definite-ly like a woman, a beautiful woman." Also the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor deemed, "A woman who doesn't wear a scarf would have no future."
It is said that approximately before the Middle Ages, modern silk scarf are originated from North Europe or North France. Initially it was only for the protection against cold. It was not until the middle of the 16th century that it gradually evolutes into an accessory for the decorative function with the consistent change of materials.
In modern society, especially in modern metropolises, it has been a perfect expression of the beauty, femininity, elegance of womens and the platform on which designers use their creativity and imagination.
We have a wild selection of custom printed silk scarves in different patterns and specifications.
Presently we divide Silk Scarf Category into these categories as follows:
Long Silk Scarves
Square Silk Scarves
Silk Riband Scarves
Ladies Chiffon Scarves
Manufacture Workmanship


Spring silk: Silk is the most frequently-used material for silk scarf. Those that made of such a material not only have charming sheen, also have inartificial folds which make them look natural and beautiful. The crude fiber of silk can remove the trouble caused by static electricity in dry and windy spring season, also effectively maintain the heat preservation and elasticity.
Summer linen: The linen scarf feels cool in use, and they are easy to coordinate with any summer clothing. They are beautiful and prevent air-condition from bringing the damage to neck and shoulder. Linen scarves are easy to fold. It is also this property that epitomizes the romantic flavor of wearer.
Autumn cotton: In increasingly windy autumn seasons, cotton scarf can resist wind. Its soft fabric also wouldn’t cover women’s charm under heavy materials.
Winter Pashmina: Pashmina means wool in Persian. It is thick and slim, soft and warm. In cold winter, it can not only keep warm, also increase fashion degree.
Coordination &Purchase Guide
Cheeks Principle
When people are interested in one of the silk scarf styles, they firstly would need to lean it close their cheeks to see whether or not they match each other. Also would pay attention to see if it is coordinative with face shapes. Thus there would be a better effect.
Round face: If we would make the facial outline of a rounded-face man look more clear and skinny. The key point is to drag the sagging part as long as possible, branding out the visibility of verticality, also keeping the integrity of lengthways lines from head to toe, trying utmost not to break. When we tie the flower knot, it would better choose the way which is fit for individuals the best such as diamond knot, rhombus flower, rose, cross knot etc, don’t use the knot that is repeatedly-tied around neck, excessively transverse, or has too much layering.Rectangular face: The style of transverse tie extended to left-and-right direction would epitomizes an hazy, indistinctive feeling, weaken the image of feature of long face shape such as greenish lily flower knot, necklace knot, two-headed knot. Also, you could twist the silk scarf into a thicker rod shape, and make a butterfly knot, but don’t tie too tightly, trying utmost to have it droop naturally, rending the feeling of haziness.
Inversed triangle face: This face outline usually brings a stern image and dull facial expression. Then you could make use of silk scarf to make neck be full of layering with a magnificent tied-knot style which would bring an excellent effect such as rose flower knot, necklace knot, blue-and-white knot etc. You would also need to pay attention to decrease the number of times around neck, stretch the sagging triangle part as inartificially as possible to avoid tying too tightly, also mind the sense of transverse layering of knot.
Square face: Square face would easily bring the feeling lack of tenderness. When you tie silk scarf, just try our best to be clear around your neck, also tie the knot with a strong sense of layering. With the succinct-lined coat, it would deduce a noble temperament. The silk scarf pattern could be basic knot, rose flower knot etc.
Purchase Guide
When a piece of silk scarf catches your fancy, you have to note the following points:
Fabric and color. A good fabric is the primary factor for purchase. The silk scarf edge sewed by handwork is our most superior choice. Print color has to be even. Generally speaking, the more colors it has, the better the quality is.
Pick according to stature. For a short-neck person, it would be more suitable to pick a comparatively thicker and small silk scarf. The knot would better locate beside the neck, or is loosely tied under breast. A man in delicately built and slim who should not use the way to tie a way too long and troublesome knot.
Pay attention to special design. Those silk scarves with especial designs have to show their creativeness through special knotting ways. Before proceeding to the purchase, you have to pay attention to the patterns and try it on first.
Have an eye on style. Transparent yarn-characteristics silk scarf is suitable for creating romantic shape. You also could choose a glossy and textured silk scarf if you want try a avant-garde style.
Customization Procedures
Order Procedures - custom printed scarves

1. First, please provide your order details such as design draft (if there’s any), order quantity, material request, size request...etc. The more detailed information, the better it will be.

2. If you have a design draft, then you can directly assist us to proofread the colors in the draft till the final print text and order are both confirmed.If you don’t have a design draft but have a reference material, you could provide it to us so that our designer can make the mock-up for your project, and finally confirm the order.

3. If design draft and material are both unavailable, then please provide us a reference image on which we could make the design, and add your logo on it if there’s any, and then confirm the order.

4. We would work out an accurate price and freight based on the order details as provided.Once the costs are approved and the down payment is paid, we would proceed to the mass production or sampling according specific situations upon clients’ request.

5. When the order is finished, we would send you the high-resolution photos to show the cargo status we’ve made.After the balance is down, the package will be shipped out via the requested shipping route, and we will provide the tracking number to check the shipping status when necessary.

Printing Techniques of Customization
      • Tropical print. First print the pigment on the paper to get a transfer printing paper. Then transfer the color onto the fabric by high temperature. This is generally used for chemical fiber fabric. The feature is that it has bright color, delicate layering, life-like pattern and terrific artistry. Presently it is only suitable for a few synthetic fibers such as polyester.
      • Discharge print. Use the pigment that can’t withstand discharging agent to make the background color. After drying, use colored dyestuff paste that contains discharging agent or simultaneously non-discharging agent to make the print. In the post processing, the background color dyestuff where the print locates is achromatizes due to being damaged, forming white patterns on color background, or colored patterns because of printed colorful dyestuff. It can make the effect of clothes being washed out.
      • Decrement print. The technique makes use of the property difference of chemical resistance of different fiber in interwoven or blending fabric, using burning-pull agent by print to get rid of one fiber in local fabric, keeping other fibers to form half-transparent patterns.
      • Crimple print. Exert chemicals locally which can make fiber expand or shrink on the fabric by printing. Through appropriate execution which makes the fiber expand or shrink on printing or non-printing position, we would get the product with regularly even pattern.Flat screen print. The print mould is a polyester or nylon yarn screen fixed on square frame with hollow-out pattern. Dyestuff can penetrate the location of printing screen while the mesh where there are no patterns would be sealed. When the printing begins, the screen that carries dyestuff presses fabric tightly. Using scraper blade to scrape and press back and forth.
      • Rotary screen printing. The cylindrical nickel screen with hollow-out pattern is equipped in a specified order on a conduction band in cyclic run, rotating in step with the band. When printing, stream dyestuff into the screen, keep it in the retention at the bottom. When the screen rotates with the conduction band, the scraper blade that presses the screen tightly would scrape and press the pattern mesh, the dyestuff would penetrate mesh and arrive on the surface of fabric.
Significance and Value
Silk scarf is just simple as a piece of cloth itself. But if it is with the women’s born wisdom to beauty, then this simple cloth would miraculously transform into infinite various beautiful scenes on their body, head, neck, waist or even bag. We can say, the emergence of silk scarf tremendously expand women’s infinite imagination to beauty.
The warm, practical and charming silk scarf floating on women that livens them up greatly. The popular tales of silk scarf are just like a dynastic history that has been performing one after another. With the development in the past hundred years, the functionality of silk scarf has been beyond imagination. It has been used as clothes, neckerchief, scarf, shawl, waist belt and headband, even as watchband, the decoration tied to handbag, or pure craft decoration. It had been turned into a culture, carrying the history of women’s fashion.
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