How To Choose A Silk Scarf

How To Choose A Satisfying Silk Scarf?
how to choose a silk scarf
Some fashion trendsetter says, silk scarf is womens' second mysterious skin.
With the development from the function of protection against cold initially to modern indispensable fashionable decoration, silk scarf has been the pronoun of elegance and exquisiteness. Facing various silk scarves in different styles, have you completely no idea what to good? Are you wondering why the prices have an immeasurably vast difference while they are in same material?
If you would expect to choose a satisfying silk scarf, I recommend you to peruse it via the following factors:
1. Material
2. Workmanship
3. Pattern
4. Size
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Silk Scarf Materials
Why is there such a vast difference while they are made of 100% same silk?
The materials of silk scarves are diverse: chiffon, blended, polyester, cotton, silk. In this length, we emphatically discuss about the material of silk because it looks greatly lustrous and has natural folds, full of drooping style. It feels most comfortable to wear. In some degree, it stands for quality and taste.
Natural mulberry silk feels pretty skin-friendly. Silk scarf is usually made of the material in thickness of 16 mome which is thin, cozy and air permeable. The shortcoming is being easy to snag.
Crepe Satin Plain
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Crepe Satin Plain silk scarf has a nice drooping style with nice sheen. The surface has a greatly magnificent satin finish with soft hand feeling, smooth, silky and delicate, soft as soap.
Common small square scarves, and pajamas and four-set series on bed are mostly made of such materials which is also the most familiar silk fabric to us.
When you buy silk scarf online in US, if the product description for material is silk, in most cases it is silk satin.
Silk scarves made of crepe satin plain are suitable for coordinating with Chinese-style clothes, for example, Qipao.
Silk Twill
custom printed scarves in silk twill
The surface of silk twill has an obvious diagonal texture. It appears light, low-profile sheen. Hand feelings will be different due to the use amount of softening agent during the procedure of “Water Washing”.
The property is massive and durable, not easy to ladder, soft but bony, still and smooth.
When you choose to buy, if it is marked with “Silk Twill”, then it would be silk twill material. Silk twill is the most frequently-used high-end silk scarf fabric such as Hermes. 90 percent of their silk scarves are using this fabric material.
Silk twill silk scarf is suitable for coordinating some clothes that have well texture such as cashmere sweater.
Printing Technology
Designer silk scarves are so expensive. Is it just all because of brand premium?
Traditional silk scarf is mainly printed by silk-screen printing i.e. bedplate printing. Some international brands such as Hermes, Gucci, Dior, LV, and Coach are still using such a workmanship. As the inheritance of craftsmanship spirit, every plate, every procedure both stand for the extension of artisan spirit.
Nowadays the comparatively prevalent and simple way is mainly number printing. Its colors look clearer and the technology is simpler.
Why do some silk scarves bought by some people cost thousands while some other good-looking silk scarves only take hundreds? Except for brand premium and the costs of fabric materials, with regard to silk scarf printing, there is a tremendous difference on manufacturing process cost. It is a pity that, as common consumers not professionals, it is hard for us to distinguish which printing craftsmanship a silk scarf exactly used.
Digital Printing
This is a new-type environmental protection printing technology which is extensively used in garment and family decoration. In short, the workmanship process is: make artwork on computer, and then print it on fabric by printing machine.
printed silk scarves in digital printing
The effect of digital printing is closely connected with machine and ink. The more higher configuration it has, the higher the configuration, then the higher the price. Sometimes it can even reach a 4K effect.
The advantage of such a printing method lies in high sampling efficiency, bright and abundant colors, and natural mellifluous color transitions. It can print complicated patterns and color register can be wishfully adjusted.
Therefore the cost performance of digital printing silk scarf is basically great.
Silk Screen Printing
This perfect and also strict craftsmanship was initially invented by China.
This printing method is to put dyestuff, a water slurry substance and dye-fixing agent together to deploy, then make the print with silk-screen frame. Every color of such a printing way comes from self allocation which makes the color very accurate.
If use silk screen to print a silk scarf, how many colors a printed silk scarf has means how many screens and how many times of printing that people would need to print.
custom silk scarves in screen printing
A silk scarf made of 25 color registers would need take about 1 000 hours to finish, It requires screen makers distinguish by eyes how many colors an original painting has, and express every detail. For instance, A most complicated human face has more than 10 colors which would take a lot of brains and physical powers.
If there’s any dust falls on the silk fabric or wrong position for printing, it would cause a wrong printing to make the silk scarf spoiled.
Take Hermes as an example. Every Hermes silk scarf consists of 30 colors, 46 colors at most complicated. Hermes has its own color matcher team. And its color library has 75 000 change colors. Owing to using manmade silk screen printing, before the silk scarf is sent out factory, there is also an inspection teams of over 40 people would screen the quality, getting rid of flaws.
Merits of Silk Screen Printing: Hand feeling is comparatively soft. Fabric texture is pretty clear as well as the layering of painting. It would have a stronger expressive force for the colors in high contrast. The shortcoming is: the more colors the higher the price will be. It is not suitable for printing dark fabric.
Serging Craftsmanship
serging craft of printed silk scarves
If you like wearing silk scarves, you would find the pattern or painting is usually covered with folds. On the contrary, the edge of silk scarf would concentrate on the front of chest, or expose outside. Therefore this is the most remarkable part that catches people’s attention.
Here we have to mention the detail that you have to know – Serging of Silk Scarf.
Being different from the indistinguishability of silk scarf, even a layman can tell the quality of a silk scarf via the serging.
The two most prevalent serging way of silk scarf are: machine sealing edges, hand-rolled edges In our view, wearing high-end silk scarf in hand-rolled edges would be more recommendable in parties or some important occasions which could present the better craftsmanship and quality.
Machine Sealing Edges
machine serging of custom printed silk scarves
Machine sealing edges usually adopt needle triangle linear running stitches. For silk material, such an edge whipstitch has a great effect, not easy to jump lines also looks beautiful.
Hand-rolled Edges
hand-rolled edges of custom printed silk scarves
Hand-rolled edges require the silk scarf have to be sewed totally by hand work of a single needle or a single thread while any stitch can not be seen. It is a symbol of high quality, also a respect to craftsman.
Let’s take Hermes silk scarf for example, craftsmen usually use traditional French rolled edges. Every silk scarf would take 30 minutes at least.
What calls for special attention is that, there are also some silk scarves in rough hand-rolled edges which would need you to scrutinize and select by yourself. After all, there’s always difference in handwork quality.
Other Edge executing Craftsmanship
Besides the two common methods of edge sealing, some major brands also would adopt some other craftsmanship to execute the edges because of the need of style design.
Fringed edges
Hand-topstitched edges
Frayed edges
Other Edge executing Craftsmanship
Wearing a silk scarf reversely make you look older. What kind of silk scarf would be most suitable for you. Hence, we specially searched some tips on how to select silk scarf patterns for your reference.
If you are still a layman for clothes taste, you may wish to try basic patterns.
If you like intellectual and elegant styles, you could select some geometric patterns.
It wouldn’t be a problem as well! Just scattered embellishment with some cute factors on some background color would also look pretty childlike.
From the aspect of decorating facial forms, we could select silk scarves this way:
Rounded face with facial features: suitable for curve patterns. Straight lines look stiff.
Angular face with hard lines: right for patterns with straight lines. Curve ones look vulgar.
Broad face and face features: suitable for big patterns to make it look generous.
Narrow face and face features: right for small pattern which make it look pretty.
Sizes of Custom Printed Scarves
Short-necked person also can wear a silk scarf? The answer is yes.
Choosing a silk scarf fit for you will not only decorating facial form, lengthening neck curve, also display your temperament.
The favorable sizes of silk scarves are as follows:
86*5cm twilly
Ribbon Silk Scarves
These long stripe silk scarves are used most widely. It has no requirements for body figures.
Any mistake would be made as long as you choose appropriate patterns and styles. You can use it to tie neck, bag wrist, hair or waistband.
Collocation of Medium-sized Silk Scarves
Compared with small square scarves, it offers a greater flexibility. The position could be tilted downward, creating a V-line type to get model very good got-up face.


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