How To Choose A Tie?

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In the men’s pursuit to clothes beauty, necktie is an important manifestation of his taste. A man who knows how to decorate himself can embody his particular aesthetic and beauty-appreciation on choosing ties and collocation which would even affect other people’s view to his identification, social status, credit and capability. There is a big knowledge on how to a suitable and high-quality necktie.
Three Tricks On Choosing A Necktie
An authentically qualified necktie must use a lot of hand-sewn skills. For instance, if the exterior fabric is well sewed with its lining, it would make the tie itself very soft and smooth. When you gently draw the both sides, you can feel the contractility of hand sewing. Only such a necktie has the adjustability when we tie a knot.
The big end of necktie appears to be in a 90-degree angle. It is divided by middle line into two isosceles triangles. If it is not in such a structure, the sense of balance would not exist. The overall aesthetics would be affected badly when tying a knot.
A good necktie is usually long. The standard length is 55 inches or 56 inches (approx. 139.70cm or 142.24cm). The width of tie is also very important for which there is not a rigid index yet, but basically the width of necktie should be same as that of a suit lapel. Presently the standard necktie width refers to the distance of the widest end of necktie. Usually it is 4 inches to 4.5 inches ( about 10.16cm to 11.43cm).
In addition, when it comes to the necktie material, the best fabric is silk because its color is bright but not dazzling. Silk is no doubt the best material whose price is accordingly pretty high. In contrast, polyester is one of chemical fiber fabrics whose texture and drooping style would be comparatively inferior.
Three Collocation Ways of Neckties
After you learn to know how to choose a tie, for now you should know how to match a necktie.
We all know the collocation of necktie + shirt + western-style suit always follows these three principles:
Dark + light + dark
Dark + medium + light
Light + medium + light
Three Tricks Of Businessmen’s Overall Collocation
Necktie is the necessary garment accessory of white-collar men. Every day when a man choose what kind of necktie, he should primarily consider it would be based on western-style suit or tie.
Start with necktie. Necktie always plays a leading role because it is the most attractive part of dressing up. Generally speaking, what requires special attention is primarily the collocation between necktie and suit jacket. From the decent perspectives, the color of suit jacket should be the basic color of necktie.
Secondly choose a shirt. Once it is confirmed on how to match necktie and coat. It would be a no-brainer. Generally the color of shirt should match one of the necktie colors. As for the pattern, in general, the pattern of necktie should be more conspicuous than shirt. Sometimes, you can choose the shirt and necktie that are both well-marked. But, do not let the pattern of shirt overwhelm necktie.
Prevalent Collocation. Nowadays it is favorable to have consistent single-color collocation. If you would like to modern, you may wish to try the same colored shirt and necktie. In such collocation, the color of necktie should be darker than shirt, also could be in totally same color.
Classic Collocation. The most permanent collocation is that white or light blue shirt matches plain-colored or bright-patterned necktie which is never an outdated collocative method.
Wearing Occasions
Things would be easier after the necktie color is chosen. Generally speaking, the color of shirt should match necktie. The pattern color on the tie should be more noticeable than shirt. It applies to any occasion for white or light shirts to collocate the ties in single color or bright pattern.
Solid color necktie. Generally speaking, solid color neckties are usually for company employees to use. Fashionable, neat, harmony ties are right for office workers.
Striped neckties. There are a lot of variations for the stripe sizes and colors of these ties. Black background has a bright tone with distinct meaning which is suitable for various formal or informal occasions.
Grid neckties. Such a tie is not right for solemn and formal negotiation, but could be for casual occasion.
Speckled pattern necktie. Such a tie brings people a dashing feeling. Usually it is used for the occasions such as the party of good friends, the informal pleasure with colleagues.
The Meanings of Tie Colors
Different colored neckties are for different places. Some are dignified and magnanimous. Some are rakish. Some bring you the feeling of entering warm spring. Some look passionate and ebullient. Even though you can change your western-style clothes every day, you can change tie colors instead.
Red – makes people feel passion and energy.
Pink – bring people fashion and amiableness.
Blue – calmness brings reliability.
Green – means being young, brisk. It is right for newcomers in workplace.
Yellow – foster a free and lively atmosphere.